Oshichi's Efforts

Oshichi's Efforts || 伊達娘恋の緋鹿子

(Date Musume Koi no Higanoko)


A Game of Oshichi's efforts to open the gates for her lover, Kichisaburo, to deliver the treasured sword of Amakuni no Tsurugi.
However, the police are there to stop her efforts due to the Edo's law of no entry or exit after dark.

Player One is Oshichi; Player Two is the Police. Oshichi will 'ring' her bell by fanning it at the door in order to 'open' up the gates. The Police would use the baton and close up these door like show in the picture below.

It is a race to see who will open or close all the gates at once before time runs out and the sun shines on a new day. As long as one gate is standing, the police can claim their victory.